Dr. Dave McIntyre is a certified PECI Performing Edge Coaching Professional, a licensed psychologist, and one of the most powerful performance coaches I have ever had the opportunity to work with and train. He completed our PECI coach certification program with honors, he has excellent clinical insight and is very successful with his clients in helping them reach their specific goals. He works with his athlete and business clients to strengthen confidence and use their talents to perform their best. He helps his clients to focus their attention on the sequential steps necessary to perform well when it counts. I highly recommend Dr. Dave McIntyre to anyone who wants to move forward with their goals!

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

champion athlete, licensed clinical psychologist from Stanford University Medical Center, sports psychologist to 5 OLYMPIC gold medalists., Performing Edge Coaching International

During my tenure as United States Surgeon General,  I had the opportunity to work with Dr. David McIntyre and observe his exceptional competency and superb leadership ability during national and global catastrophic events.  He served his nation selflessly and with dignity and integrity.

VADM (Ret.) Richard Carmona

17th Surgeon General of the United States

About Dr. David McIntyre

Untapped Potential Sports Psychology began with the simple idea that student athletes and their families deserve access to the best mental skills training and support network available in order to be their best.

If you have spent any time involved in youth sports then you know the pressure. Our family’s pressure came in the form of club baseball. As a clinical psychologist, I observed well-intended adults undermine their players’ mental game. My wife, Angie, engaged with parents who were exhausted, frustruated, and afraid that they weren’t doing enough for their child. And as parents of players ourselves, we know firsthand the pain of watching our children suffer on and off the field when their body aches, their relationships falter, and their confidence slips.

What I Do

Allow yourself to imagine performing at a level you have only dreamed of: what it looks like, what it feels like, and what it sounds like. Working together, we’ll create a roadmap for you to tap into your true potential, make sure you have the tools you need to get to the next level. Thus helping you build a foundation for success.

I’ll share strategies and techniques that put you in the best possible position to succeed. Think there’s no way you can achieve your athletic dreams? You will learn ways to train smarter not harder and use your mental skills to get the most of your sports training. You’ll implement simple, sustainable practices that support your new mindset.

Prioritize the mental side of your game and learn to strengthen your mental toughness in ways that turn it into the finely tuned machine it was intended to be. Together, we’ll identify ways of thinking, behaving, preparing, and performing that work best for you. Working from the inside out, you’ll achieve better results in your performance and achieve the result you seek.

Set yourself up for successful relationships with your family, teammates, coaches, scouts, and the media. I’ll teach you how to effectively engage, communicate, even negotiate with them. It’s vital that those who surround you support your individual vision and goals. Surround yourself with those who share your positive “I got this” attitude and support your mental skills training.

MY PROMISE: Create a roadmap to greater success for growth minded athletes looking to discover their true potential.

Benefits To You

Individualized Behavioral Skills Training

Athletes and professionals spend so much time perfecting their craft, don’t let nerves or motivation derail all that work. Dr. McIntyre has over 25 years of experience in the mental health field, let him work with you so your mind helps rather than hurts you. Dr. McIntyre was also a college tennis player with dreams of making it to the pros that never happened. He understands, personally and professionally, how having strong mental skills can prepare you for challenges ahead.

Team Consultation

Anyone who is part of a team knows it can be tricky. Let Dr. McIntyre work with your team to assess the strengths and examine the weaknesses. All teams are different so you will be treated individually.

If you have specific areas of concern, or just want to improve the overall performance of the team we can help with goal setting, communication, imagery, and more.

Sports Injury Recovery

You have the physical side of sports injury recovery taken care of, don’t forget the mental side. Injuries can wreak more than physical havoc and we want to provide you with the tools to recover completely.This is about more than returning to the field as soon as possible — although we are all for that. Complete recovery is about looking at the negative messages in your mind and understanding why they’re there, then moving forward.

Support and Education for Parents

Being the parent, coach, or trainer of an elite athlete is hard — just ask the founder, Dr. Dave McIntyre, parent, and coach to three baseball players. Untapped Potential Sports Psychology can answer your questions and help you go forward with mental skills that strengthen your athlete. Whether your athlete is a high school, collegiate or elite athlete, there are common lessons and techniques that can help you maximize your athlete’s success before, during, and after competition.

Workshops and Presentations

We offer presentations for athletic directors, coaches, athletes and parents, and organizations seeking to improve their performance as well. If you’re part of a team, consider inviting Untapped Potential Sports Psychology to talk about ways to improve performance.

For something more in-depth, Untapped Potential Sports Psychology has a workshop program suitable for athletic teams, parents, schools, and training centers.

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